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420 Specials to Celebrate 2019 at Bridge City Collective

Amazing 4/20 Specials at Both Locations

Come spend your 4/20 afternoon at Bridge City Collective’s Southeast Location with Panda Farms, WE OG, and Yerba Buena! Reps from each of these amazing brands will be in-store to answer all your clone care and cultivation questions

She Smokes Joints a La Carte Dispensary Experience Details

Saturday April 20th, Bridge City Collective is bringing together She Smokes Joints and our own curated selection of cannabis producers and processors to create an a La Carte dispensary experience.

She Smokes Joints worked with Bridge City Collective in the very beginning, when we first got started. Now for the holiday, Courtney is coming back to BCC on 4/20 to take part in (and add to) the revelries!

How the Joint Bar Works

She Smokes Joints will be rolling up whatever you can dream up, from 1-5pm at our N Williams shop. Simply sign up for a 6-minute time slot on Saturday morning; for special requests, make sure to ask for 2 to 3 time slots (12-18 minutes).

1) Grab a Joint Deli menu. 2) Choose your flower from our 30+ strain menu. 3) Mark the gram amount of flower that you would like rolled up. 4) Pick up and enjoy.

Choose your joint crutch: None; Elements joint tips; Glass; Wood.

Choose your “roll”: Straight twist; Original roll (no crutch); Hemp wrapped Blunt; **Other (make sure to ask for 2 to 3 time slots for special requests). 

Pax Era Engraving Machine?!

Here’s even more great holiday news: Start your 4/20 weekend off by engraving your Pax Era! On Thursday, April 18th, Pax will be at both Bridge City locations with their engraving machine on hand. Stop by from 12-3pm at Southeast and 4-8pm at our North Location! Don’t have a Pax Era? Don’t worry! We’ve got ’em in stock for you at the low price of just $14.20 thru the 21st!

Come Check Out the Potlandia Bus!

As part of the 420 festivities, the Potlandia Bus will he parked on North Williams at our location from 3pm to 5pm (AT 4:20pm).

Enjoy 420 Weekend Discounts From the 18th – 21st

35% off  Wyld Gummies

25 % off Peak chocolate & topicals!

50% off Periodic Caramels

25% off Buddies 18th-21st

20% off Oregrown Pax Pods 18th-21st!

More Amazing 420 News and Specials!

Come and hang out with the N. Williams crew and some of our favorite vendors on the afternoon of 4/20: Jill from She Don’t know cookies @ 2-3pm

For 420 Only: GG#4 and Sour Diesel Clones available while supplies last! (Grand only); $10 eighths & $12 eighths of Indoor!; $2 half gram top shelf doobs! ;30% off Yerba Buena’s Fuego Packs!; Luminous Botanicals 20% off

Come spend your 4/20 afternoon at our SE Location with Panda Farms, WE OG, and Yerba Buena! These vendors will be there to answer all your clone care and cultivation questions!

Rewards Program