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Water Hash from Nelson & Co. Organics at Bridge City Collective Dispensaries

Ice Water Hash from Nelson & Co Organics & Bo’s Nose Knows at Bridge City Portland Dispensaries

Solventless Water Hash now available at BCCWater hash, also known as ice water hash, bubble hash, or cold water hash, is truly the purest and most flavorful expression of the cannabis plant’s terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. By gently washing freshly frozen cannabis flower in ice cold water, the glandular trichome heads containing the coveted resin separate from the plant material. These trichomes are then carefully filtered through micron screens, separating the different grades of melt from the contaminant plant material. The result is a full spectrum and exceptionally smooth concentrate preserving the intricate terpene profiles of the starting material.

Cannabis connoisseurs in Oregon have long appreciated craft ice water hash for its unmatched flavor and potency, but challenges in production, transport, and storage make this exclusive product rare to find at Portland dispensaries. Now, leading solventless hash producer Nelson & Co and Portland favorite Bo’s Nose Knows have both partnered with Bridge City Collective to offer small batch, live plant ice water hash at their two Portland dispensaries. Nelson & Co Organics and Bo’s Nose Knows are both renowned for their meticulous processes resulting in premium ice water hashes and live rosin. Their teams start with only the finest fresh frozen whole plants supplied by Oregon’s premiere craft cultivators. Advanced extraction techniques gently agitate the trichomes from freshly harvested buds, carefully preserving the live terpenes and cannabinoids. Extensive filtering isolates the different grades of melt, and an intricate drying process locks in flavors and creates an ideal texture.

The result is a line of strain-specific ice water hashes with an incredible depth of aroma and flavor. Currently available strains at Bridge City include Chem de la chem, Dime Bag, Bo’s Garlic Breath, and Bonkers with a rotating variety of fresh drops expected to become available soon. These live ice water hashes offer robust and nuanced terpene profiles true to their cultivar origins. The textures range from sandy to doughy, with a high percentage of full melt heads. Ice water hash is the base material used to produce live hash rosin. While rosin is generally considered easier to work with, the resin glands found in water hash are untouched by further processing after extraction from the plant, providing arguably the purest cannabis experience possible.

Can you Dab Water Hash?

water hash dabs

The best way to appreciate these exquisite ice water hashes is by carefully dabbing small amounts at low temperatures. For storage, keep ice water hash sealed in the freezer to prevent degradation. Let the product come to room temperature before opening containers to avoid condensation. Scooping small dabs with a dab tool or “flagging” a chunk of hash with parchment paper allows you to vaporize the trichomes at low temps (~450 degrees) for smooth inhalation. This showcases the intricate flavor profiles without burning the terpenes or scorching the plant material.

Be sure to stop into Bridge City Collective’s dispensaries across Portland to browse Bo’s Nose Knows and Nelson & Co. premium solventless ice water hash. Locations include:

Buckman Neighborhood

With exceptionally flavorful terpene preservation and a smooth, full-melt dabbing experience, artisanal solventless ice water hash like Bo’s Nose Knows’ and Nelson & Co’s offerings may just be the ultimate expression of the cannabis plant. Our team tested a wide variety of premium concentrates before settling on the extremely high quality hashes produced by Nelson & Co. and BNK Solventless. We highly recommend sampling these exquisite small batch products now available at both Bridge City Collective dispensaries. Check out our online menus or visit your local Bridge City dispensary today to learn more about the strains we have available.

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The Craft of Solventless Hash Production

Solventless Rosin HashBoth Nelson & Co. and Bo’s Nose Knows follow meticulous small-batch, solventless extraction processes to produce full-melt, live bubble hash of unparalleled quality. Starting with only the finest whole-plant fresh frozen flowers sourced from leading local cultivators, careful ice water extraction gently separates the delicate trichome heads from the rest of the plant material. Custom protocols are tailored to each cultivar to optimize flavors, textures and melt. Proprietary techniques even preserve some of the smallest and most flavorful resin glands that are often lost in traditional high-heat, high-pressure extraction processes.

Extensive filtering refines the hash even further, isolating the ideal spectrum of heads. This is truly an art form mastered by the craft producers and Bo’s Nose Knows and Nelson & Co. Finally, the freshly made hash is carefully freeze dried to lock in terpenes without degrading quality. The entire process showcases a deep dedication to showcasing the best of each cultivar. At Bridge City, we’re proud to share this premium product with Portland’s cannabis connoisseurs. You can be sure that we always store our hashes at ice cold temperatures from the time we take delivery to the time you grab your jar, ensuring you’re always getting exactly what the hashmaker intended without any degradation in quality.

The Purest Cannabis Experience

With traditional solvent-based extracts, much of the plant’s naturally occurring terpenes are lost in processing. This often removes the nuanced aromas and flavors that make each cultivar unique. Solventless ice water hash instead preserves the wide spectrum of terpenes inherent to the starting material. This provides a profoundly pure and flavorful cannabis experience.

The Entourage Effect & Full Spectrum Relaxation

In addition to terpenes, solventless hash retains the full profile of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds from the plant. Water hash benefits from the full spectrum “entourage effect” of these combined compounds working synergistically. This whole plant medicine provides effects superior to isolated or distilled products.

Consistent Potency

With high cannabinoid concentrations, ice water hash offers high potency in a naturally derived form. The ice water extraction process leaves behind nearly all plant material, so a very small amount delivers strong effects. This potency makes it ideal for both recreational enjoyment and symptom relief. Some consumers report that water hash provides a “clearer” or more uplifting effect than hash rosin, making it a great choice for daytime relaxation without sedation.

The meticulous small batch process, flavor preservation, full spectrum effects, and exceptional potency make solventless ice water hash a profound way to experience cannabis in its purest form. We highly recommend sampling Bo’s Nose Knows’ and Nelson & Co’s outstanding craft hashes, now available at Bridge City Collective’s convenient Portland dispensary locations.