Diversity, Science, Research: Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

Bridge City Collective, established in 2010, is a company that cultivates, processes, and dispenses high-quality medical and recreational-use marijuana in a safe, compliant, and sustainable manner. Our team is made up of an exemplary group of business, medical, and operational leaders with experience in regulated cannabis and multiple other relevant industries. We are committed to making a positive difference in the communities we serve.

Our mission is to deliver premium healthy products with a deep knowledge base and a focus on exceptional customer service. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide the highest quality products, innovative services, and our philanthropic spirit to everyone who we serve.

The Art and Science of Marijuana

Bridge City Collective has established research partnerships with hospitals, non-profits, and other organizations to help facilitate and conduct cannabis studies that include Opioids, HIV/AIDS and more. Our hope is that through this process, we can have a better understanding of cannabis as medicine to provide improved product solutions and help the community as a whole.

Through our retail shops, Bridge City Collective offers tinctures, liquid extracts, topical medicines in the forms of salves and rubs, edibles, cartridges, capsules, and so much more.

Given our company’s vertical integration, our in-house farm allows us to offer rare flower varieties as well as common local strains. We also have vegan, gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO products.

A World Class Team of Cannabis Professionals

The team behind Bridge City Collective has proven track records in health care, medical and scientific research, regulatory compliance, and within the regulated marijuana industry. With over a decade of active participation in the Oregon medical and adult-use market, the principals behind Bridge City Collective are keenly aware of what it takes to operate a best-in-class medical marijuana facility.

One of the most important aspects of the leadership team behind BCC is our Medical Advisory Board. At Bridge City Collective, we firmly believe that all marijuana patients deserve the highest caliber of healthcare, which is why our Medical Advisory Board is made up of world-class medical professionals, including medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. Their experience in patient care, medical research, and patient education allows us to provide create a holistic and innovative experience for all of our patients, with their wellness always front of mind.

Serving Both Medical Marijuana Patients and Recreational Customers

Whether you’re seeking alternative medicine choices or you’re simply just curious about marijuana and its many uses, Bridge City Collective is always here to answer your questions.

At Bridge City Collective, we are passionate about our products and use our diverse background and collective expertise to educate our customers, and to serve as a trusted resource to both experienced and newly curious cannabis enthusiasts alike.