Portland’s Marijuana Dispensary and Retailer for Local Cannabis Offerings

Bridge City Collective was established in 2010 and became one of Oregon’s first licensed dispensaries in 2014. We offer the Oregon market premium healthy products with a deep knowledge base and a focus on exceptional customer service.

Offering Both Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Whether you’re seeking alternative medicine choices or just curious about marijuana and its uses, we’re here to answer your questions. If you are interested in cultivating your own plants, we can provide up to four clones or seeds to customers over the age of 21. We are passionate about our products and use our background to educate and to be a resource to experienced and curious cannabis enthusiasts alike.

Our Products

We offer tinctures, liquid extracts, topical medicines in the forms of salves and rubs, and much more. We have a selection of soothing rubs for joint pain, carpal tunnel, or psoriasis, while our cannabis-based cure-alls can be used topically or orally. Our in-house farm allows us to offer rare flower varieties and local strains. We also have vegan, gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO products.

Education and Resources

We work with the community and local clinics to offer our customers all things marijuana related, from products to education. Visit our resources page for a listing of trusted Oregon Medical Marijuana Program clinics, and other educational and advocacy resources. Bridge City Collective is more than just your local marijuana dispensary. We provide the latest research to help you make responsible decisions regarding your care.

Contact us or stop in today to explore the options available to you through our products.

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M-Sun: 10am-10pm
4312 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97217


M-Sun: 10am-10pm
215 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97217

Offering Oregon’s OMMP Patients:

  • Alternative Medical Solutions
  • Cannabis Information & Education
  • Rare, Artisan Flower Varieties
  • Healthy, Fresh, Locally Curated Edibles
  • Strong, Thriving Clones
  • A Safe and Modern Atmosphere to Explore Medical & Recreational Marijuana