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Happy New Year from BCC!

New Year, New Opportunities for Product Exploration!

This year has dealt everyone a difficult hand in ways that were previously unforeseen. We hope to guide cannabis users, both old and new, as we move forward to a new year and new possibilities for cannabinoids to improve our lives. 

Here are some recommended products/brands for discovery at each level of experience:

Beginner / Introductory

  • Brew one cup herbal tea
  • Add 1-4 single servings of Tasty’s Honey Lavender 20:1 (CBD:THC) gummies
  • Stir well and add honey to taste

Grab and go option:

  • 1-2 droppers full of WVA 8:1 CBD:THC .5oz coconut oil tincture

Comfortable With Cannabinoids

Cannabis Cocoa:

  • Melt 1 Hapy Kitchen small dose chocolate bar + 1 Junk Marshmallow Bonbons in 8oz of your preferred variety of milk
  • Take a minute between each sip to shed the memories of 2020

Grab and go option:

Experienced User Looking for New Stress Management Tips

  • The 4oz Adabinol 980mg
  • Seltzer
  • Enough said

Grab and go option:

  • Tasty’s Double Berry single gummy. 50mg THC:100mg CBD
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