Fall is coming! Summer is almost over but Croptober is just around the corner…

Throughout September, Bridge City is continuing our weekend specials and surprise pop-up vendor days. Don’t be afraid to call us up and ask about the specials. The Bridge City team is on standby 10am-10pm, seven days a week!

New and Noteworthy Additions to the Budroom

Individual, 50mg-per-piece Chocolate Turtles are the current budroom favorite. A medicated milk chocolate disk topped with a dollop of caramel and a miniature salted pretzel provides a wonderful body high in one bite. Find your Turtle at either location for $8 (pre-tax).

Deep Creek prerolls are stocked, these .7g prerolls come in a plastic doob tube that is completely sourced from ocean plastic.

Bridge City Collective is still taking donated cannabis packaging to be upcycled by P3 Distribution. Receive a thank you discount of 10% by bringing in 10 or more plastic cannabis containers.

PROTANICALS™ Tinctures are now stocked, in mini and full sizes!

PROTANICALS™ is the first and only physician-formulated product line on the market. They are evidence-based, combining standardized potency of cannabis and therapeutic doses of other botanicals! All ingredients are organic or organically grown. PROTANICALS™ products are full-spectrum, containing CBD, THC, CBC, and CBG. There are 4 tinctures available, 1 oil-based and 3 ethanol-based.

Dr. Shena Vander Ploeg started formulating cannabis+ botanical products in 2008, and has focused on the therapeutic use of cannabis in practice for the past 5 years—she has committed herself to this work to create tools that people can rely on to support/restore/regenerate aspects of their health.

Try out this line of herbal remedy-infused cannabis tinctures!

Universal (1:1)
oil-based tincture, one to one ratio of CBD:THC

Relief (2:1)
provides the dual benefits of cannabis and Kava and other phytonutrients designed for a unique relaxing, calming, pain-relieving effect

Digest (5:1)
infused with digestive bitters, and other phytonutrients designed to support healthy digestion and support the body’s anti-inflammatory response

Emerge (7:1)
provides dual benefits of cannabis and Ashwagandha Root and other phytonutrients designed to help optimize body’s response to stress (anxiety), support memory + cognitive function, support energy, and healthy sleep relaxation response

Give Protanicals a try during the Rose City Wellness Week September 8th-14th. Love your body and learn what it needs!

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